Brewing Nostalgia

Nothing is better than a beer on a late, warm afternoon which is exactly how I ended up at the Mawson Arms next to Fullers Griffin Brewery. As I sat down with my half of Sticky Wicket I couldn’t help but find myself people watching around the room. What struck me was that I noticed almost half the people at the bar wore the Fullers Brewery logo. I then noticed that more people entering the pub were also bearing the brewery’s emblem, and it got me thinking…

When did we stop enjoying the simpler things in life? Most of us spend long hours at desks, in front of computers, and when we ‘clock off’ we’re rushing home to cook dinner or to pick up the kids from school to name a few examples. These Fullers employees were finishing their shifts and coming in to their local to socialise together over a pint of beer they have helped to brew before heading off home. I felt like I really had stepped back in time to when this was the norm. It has inspired me to stop worrying about all the things I need to do when I get home. I don’t need to rush off the gym everyday after work. I should call some friends and meet them in the pub garden or local bar for a catch up. I might even get home before it gets dark! 

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